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C O Z Y   C A F E


C O N C E P T   S T O R E

ZUZU was founded in 2017 by Tomoko Ukai and Olivier Polmanss. The two come from different backgrounds, she is specialized in fair-trade and he is a designer, but are united by their life philosophy and an appreciation for sustainable craftsmanship.

Olivier: “ZUZU, which means ‘little pearl’ in Mandarin, symbolizes our quest for perfection and authenticity. We believe that the simpliest things are the best. Good products talk for themselves and if a place is truly wonderful, people will appreciate it and spread the word.’

The founders have turned a traditional wooden house with a lovely garden, into a cafe and concept store. Thereby creating a nice balance between contemporary interior design and the well-preserved traditional building, right in the heart of Thao Dien, district 2.

Tomoko: “We want to give our guests a unique experience at ZUZU. Inside, we take people on a journey – between East and West, the past and the present, the old and the new. We welcome you in a warm and cozy setting, no matter if you live in Sài Gòn and visit us regulary, or if you just pass by.”

On the menu, you’ll find a selection of delicious homemade cakes; super healthy cold-pressed fruit juices and the finest organic teas and coffees from Đà Lạt. The founders’ personal favourites are the passion fruit tea and the cinnamon cafe latte. Highly recommended are also the homemade delicacies, like the French canelés, chocolate eclair, caramel choux, and chocolate brownies with almonds.

And there’s more: The cafe / concept store offers a wide range of organic products, design items and unique furniture pieces created by French designer and co-owner Olivier Polmanss.



Marou, Sweets deluxe, Midori

Experience the finest sweets from Vietnam.
Marou offers a wild range of chocolate 100% made in Vietnam, with a variety of amaizing flavors.
Another must try is the premium dried fruits from Sweets de Luxe. Without any additional sugar or preservatives, enjoy the most natural and healthy sweets ever.



Olivier Polmanss

If like us you like original furniture and home decor, you will definitely fall in love for our unique selection.
Hand-crafted in Vietnam, each piece has been made with love, and will bring a lot of character to your interior.



Coconut Religion

Coconut oil has been hailed as a miracle beauty product for its countless uses and beauty benefits. A beauty do it all, coconut oil is nature’s best natural antioxidant when it’s 100% raw and unrefined. Coconut religion has created a cosmetic grade raw coconut butter in a convenient travel size jar so you can take your organic beauty on the go.